Hacked Subdirectories On WordPress Sites – Semalt Expert On New Spam Occurrences

Most recently, there were the statements about incidents of SEO spam, which involves installation of malicious content and subdirectories on the WordPress sites. Spammers and hackers use this black hat SEO strategy for abusing the server resource and storage. They install spam content on your WordPress and activate malicious subdirectories to infect your web pages.

Alexander Peresunko, a top professional from Semalt, elaborates here on some practical issues in this regard.

The spam websites promote products and services on a regular basis. For example, a lot of spam sites develop sunglasses and designer products, attracting the people to the affiliate income programs that are being controlled by the hackers. This technique is set apart from the other hacking programs because it redirects users to strange and malicious links. It can ruin their site's look and steals their credit card information on the internet.

The hackers and spammers cover the tricks by hiding the spam websites inside the subdirectories of the legitimate sites, and the most annoying thing is that the webmasters or the owners of those sites never notice it. With time, it has become essential to monitor the security of your website and made some changes in your WordPress accounts. You can use Google Search Console to find out if the attackers are spamming your website. Experts at Semalt recommend this tool to their customers who want to improve the quality of the web traffic. If you see lots of queries on your site's comment box, there are chances that you are a victim of the SEO hack. Unfortunately, there is no way to diagnose this problem, and you will have to develop a website by the whole.

You should never get trapped by the hackers and use a variety of ways to ensure your protection and safety on the internet. In most cases, the spammers attack your sites through doorway scripts and spam injections, which are tough to detect. However, there are some ways to prevent hackers from hiding their codes in your legitimate WordPress sites.

A spam investigation, called as server resources, is used to analyze cases in which the hackers attack your websites to profit your SEO strategies. Moreover, they take advantage of the white hat SEO techniques you have had used to rank your website in the search engine results. Unlike malicious redirects, this type of spam cannot change the look and appearance of the infected website.